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Cats and Me Miau

Miau Cat
Published in Literary Booklet
Massapequa Public Library April 2015

Cats have nine lives, so it is said
True or false I do not bet.
Nine careers has been my goal
For that I wager heart and soul.

Completed I have eight to show.
Each one has made experience grow.
Dancer, Clerk, Typist, Teacher, Flight Attendant,
Broker, Agent and Professors right hand.

At number nine from changes I will rest.
In hope it is what I do best.
Writing that is and I search for the style.
With luck, to prove myself, I will be given a while.



Published in Great South Bay Magazine October 2014

Fall made its debut

While winter tries its seasons suit

Summer was nice and cozy and warm

A few threads of agony in times of storm.

Spring each year comes and goes

It forever softens any woes.


Our personal spring lies in the power of change

We can regenerate and befriend the strange.

Freedom, pleasure joy and peace

Are ours to savor and need not cease.

How we feel and how we see life

Blends together with nature’s permanent drive.


As nature grants us its stunning display

We stumble through hope, lust, ecstasy or dismay

Not always happy with our given course

But like nature subordinate to a higher force

To be able to pulse as part of a whole

Shapes and nourishes the soul.

Winter Charm


By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

Published in Great South Bay Magazine 2014


Many praise the people do sing,

Speaking  of summer, fall and spring.

Why do we neglect father winter’s charm

When crackling fires keep us warm?


When snowflakes cover most of  the trees

Their glistening  whites the senses frees.

White is the color that innocence means

A snowstorm dust and dirt does cleanse.


I wonder who created the Snow Bird name

For those who avoid some imagined strain

A  snow bird for me is an Audubon

That enjoys  the East  Coast’s  year round sun.



I like that in winter the days are short

More time to meditate that does afford.

When covered in a coat like a Grizzly bear

I enjoy some frosty snowman fair.


Holidays with candles and glitter

Delight even the smallest critter.

The anticipation from season to season

Gives our creativity added reason.

So today it is winter that I hail

While on horse sled thru its wonderland I sail.


When the icicles mimic rainbows when hit by the sun

We should savor every moment and have some fun.

Winter in the East

Should not be looked down on, in the least.