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Summer Ahead

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

Foggy and soggy nature sulks
Gone is what pleasures our senses in spring.
Sad is even the song of the hawks
Too short was the creativity that spring did bring.

Cherry blossoms strewn on the patio floor like trash
Brown, mushy and spoiled
The lilac only last week so fragrant and fresh
Now hanging on twigs all weak and foiled.

Nature with nature has tempered a bit
Chased by a cat the birds flew away
To make room for summer it did see fit.
New different growth is now at play.

Now we are meant to breathe the chlorophyll
To pull the weeds and tend to lushes green grass.
Watch roses climb up the fence’s hill
Unfold in colors that proof their superior class.

Fruit will grow on many a tree
Bees pollinate what sprouts and grows
Salad, cabbage and tomatoes we see.
Nature surely how to delight us knows.

We have to allow all living things their up and down
Need to from complaining on dull days refrain
There is no reason at changes to frown
More often than not are we blessed with gain.



Your child always remains your child.
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

You entered my life like a ray of sun
And you made me whole.
No more “I”
Together we knew when to laugh or to cry
For we needed to share.

You now turn thirteen and you want to be “You”
Not an image of me.

So I search for my :”I” and I let you be “You”
Individuals we both!

Letting go can bind too
So enjoy being “YOU”
For you see
I’ll settle for a few precious moments of “WE”
For I am you mother.

Added 2012-05-22

And now you are Forty and mature
A parent yourself and proud I am sure
I got old but not feeble, you can still count on me
And as Your son ages, you will see
How precious loving and sharing can be

Added 2015-04-14th HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Age 43 by now you have reached
Several hard lesson by life you were teached.
Daily chores stunted your creativity
Influenced what you truly wanted to be.

We all are subject to challenges of kind
Mine by now encumber body and mind.
At your age you may sometimes resent
To have to give up time that for fun could be spend.

Not all is as it once has seemed
To make amendments one is deemed.
My wish for you is that the future brings you award
As you earned it by always being a good sport.

If It is meant to be
Make it big and win the lottery
Or settle for a gratifying fulfillment
With your son growing to give you a hand
Which is a blessing I well understand.

I started this poem to my son 30 years ago and gave it to him periodically. Today is his 43rd birthday.

A Viennese Heart

A Viennese Heart
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

As a delicate child
Facing world’s dilemma
During the storm of times with fighting gone wild
I fled Berlin to become a guest of Vienna.

The harshness of war and political views
Had often touched my tender soul
It made hidden tears flow at gruesome news
Find reason not to worry my biggest goal.

At that a Vienna heart, a genuine Vienna heart
Did hurt with me and shared my pain
Whispered quietly of a new start
While secretly pulsing thru all my grain.

When Vienna I left as Berlin got free
It begged to let in thought it follow
So it always could be there for me
All I would need to do is let it know.

He died before I truly grasped the depth of his gift.
Now I am old but I never forgot
This person who gave me a much needed lift
And unselfishly tried to ease my lot.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

Once a year all of us this are told
It does not matter if we are young or we are old.
A year is a year and our life starts at birth
No matter when or where we start our life on earth.

On one for us special day in every year
We celebrate that we are here.
Why though are we being congratulated
What was our influence when birth related?

Our appearance on earth seems a miracle too
But with the conception we had nothing to do.
In the mother’s womb it felt like a dream
When first we saw the world it made us scream.

Then mother’s love gave us a booster
Some dad’s pride resembled a rooster.
Rich or poor the same is true for us all
None of us can their actual moment of birth recall.

It is however from that minute on
That to somebody we will be a daughter or son.
Quickly we learned how to rise
To what as destiny we recognize.

This possibly is why people decided to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY on just that day.

Only a Little

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in South Bay’s Neighbor 2014

There is a little devil deep within me
Who since my childhood refuses to set me free.
More often than not do I get into trouble
Morals and rules I turn into rubble.

What as great character my friends admire
Is just a mask of which I easily tire.
My thoughts from good to evil turn often
Only prayer can help my mind to soften.

Let’s be honest and it will be clear to see
That being human breeds idiosyncrasy.
It makes one wonder if even a saint
Fights Battles with evil if ever so faint.

To have a soul snow white and not charcoal gray
Is surely not the earthly way
That is reserved for life after death
So I really do not need to hold my breath.

Cards with Personality

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Great South Bay Magazine 2015

An envelope that held a pressed pansy
Surely managed to capture my fancy.
A friend from a long ago time
Still remembered this hobby of mine.

Often it is only at the end of the year
That from my lifetime friends I hear.
Our paths in life have gone a different way
But once each year in contact we stay.

In some cases came the year when it was too late
As they disappeared thru the Pearly Gate.
New people will slowly take their place
But never will I forget their face.

This season I did get 41 cards
From those who let me touch their hearts.
Knowing some for 50 years, it is hard to measure
What their remembering me gives pleasure.

I reminisce about the lives those friends of mine lead
While we all belong to a predestined breed.
All those people are still close to me
In my mind the incidents that merged us together, I see.

Although handwriting may fall further out of style
Please my friends, let’s keep it up for a while.
I promise to continue to put my personal touch
Into the notes to the people I like very much.

Realtor Quest

Realtor Quest
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

The majority of people strive
A house to own a car to drive.
That little house with the white picket fence
Despite high expense seems to make good sense.

From there on along the line
Half of the buyers do just fine
Gaining in rank and income in their job
They upgrade to a bigger house and to the top.
Others get hit with unforeseen doom
With strangers they must share their room.

From the little house there is no grading down
So their next move is to change the town.
Less tax, less mortgage payments may do the trick
To home ownership they still will stick.

These ups and downs in people’s life
The personal up or downward drive
Give Realtors a constant reason to pitch
For involvement in a property switch.
There are the agents who only work for the buck.
I pity whoever with such an agent is stuck.
They make the I, I, I their main concern
Away as soon as the check is drawn they turn.

Try to find the professional
With the urge to please as well.
The one who not only sees the money from you
But considers your emotional satisfaction too.

It is not easy to please a client
Human nature suspects an agent to be defiant.
So the client thinks you work only for the financial gain
That he must watch out not to miss the train.

Contrary I just had proof
When a client called me to help him move.
It has been 18 years ago
That I sold him the house for a price a little below
By settling about a repair a dispute
With a few dollars and nice attitude.

The impression I then made has survived
Out of graciousness now profit arrived.
To be in the Service business you better have heart
It is more important than being super smart
Be helpful and truly mean to be nice
For empathy there is no price.
Service is my Business. Call me!

Cats and Me Miau

Miau Cat
Published in Literary Booklet
Massapequa Public Library April 2015

Cats have nine lives, so it is said
True or false I do not bet.
Nine careers has been my goal
For that I wager heart and soul.

Completed I have eight to show.
Each one has made experience grow.
Dancer, Clerk, Typist, Teacher, Flight Attendant,
Broker, Agent and Professors right hand.

At number nine from changes I will rest.
In hope it is what I do best.
Writing that is and I search for the style.
With luck, to prove myself, I will be given a while.