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Life is everywhere

Life is everywhere
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

There is a seemingly abandoned mansion at the seashore. Its sturdy stone walls, once white, appear gray. Yet there seems to be no structural damage apart from a dilapidated roof.
This was once the showcase for human emotions, for joy and sadness, love and hate, success and defeat. The people who built it, strong Northerners with blond hair and blue eyes, are gone, having left the mark of their culture and living habits. Every spring the grass shoots thru the melting grounds and grows till the shoots get so long that they bend and wilt. Not a single footstep disturbs nature’s process. At times a salty breeze from the powerful ocean spreads a powdery dew over the tender shoots or a strong, gusty wind shakes the straggly bushes out of their creative stillness.
Will this site remain until, at some unforeseeable yet undefined time, the world will come to an end and all will be remodeled for a higher purpose? Why look so far ahead? We will not be around, or if we are, will we comprehend?
This vision dims, and I picture little, bare feet of children in wet bathing suits, patter through the damp lawn again. Weather-beaten farmers are tending the swelling crop. The echo of gay laughter is ringing through the walls of the now refurbished house. Black smoke is puffing the air with a resinous fragrance of a crackling fireplace. Imagination can easily transform time and places. To be able to do that at will, I consider as one of my biggest accomplishments.
We live in a crowded world and no place, able to give shelter, will remain abandoned for long. Even while deserted it is visited by chirping birds, seagulls with flapping wings and nagging rats.
No place on earth is entirely lifeless.