By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

So you want, or need, or consider to move
Let’s say , you search to live under another roof.
Emotions first will surface your plans to haunt
As if your grandma’s wedding ring you pawned.

“Why do this, should I do this or is it better to stay
How about the memories collected here day by day”
Are the thoughts that occupy your mind
As a sensible solution you want to find.

First you try to force yourself to refrain
Till finally you begin to explore the gain.
A new beginning is like a breath of fresh air
Wanting to make a move is only fair.

Places to live are millions on earth
The least choice we had was our place of birth.
Only when our soul a vacuum does fill
Square feet of space can become an idyll.

Consider what best fits your taste and pocket book
Order your emotions to let you off the hook.
In life a decision now and then has to be made
Don’t get caught having to say “Now it is too late”



Your child always remains your child.
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

You entered my life like a ray of sun
And you made me whole.
No more “I”
Together we knew when to laugh or to cry
For we needed to share.

You now turn thirteen and you want to be “You”
Not an image of me.

So I search for my :”I” and I let you be “You”
Individuals we both!

Letting go can bind too
So enjoy being “YOU”
For you see
I’ll settle for a few precious moments of “WE”
For I am you mother.

Added 2012-05-22

And now you are Forty and mature
A parent yourself and proud I am sure
I got old but not feeble, you can still count on me
And as Your son ages, you will see
How precious loving and sharing can be

Added 2015-04-14th HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Age 43 by now you have reached
Several hard lesson by life you were teached.
Daily chores stunted your creativity
Influenced what you truly wanted to be.

We all are subject to challenges of kind
Mine by now encumber body and mind.
At your age you may sometimes resent
To have to give up time that for fun could be spend.

Not all is as it once has seemed
To make amendments one is deemed.
My wish for you is that the future brings you award
As you earned it by always being a good sport.

If It is meant to be
Make it big and win the lottery
Or settle for a gratifying fulfillment
With your son growing to give you a hand
Which is a blessing I well understand.

I started this poem to my son 30 years ago and gave it to him periodically. Today is his 43rd birthday.

A Viennese Heart

A Viennese Heart
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

As a delicate child
Facing world’s dilemma
During the storm of times with fighting gone wild
I fled Berlin to become a guest of Vienna.

The harshness of war and political views
Had often touched my tender soul
It made hidden tears flow at gruesome news
Find reason not to worry my biggest goal.

At that a Vienna heart, a genuine Vienna heart
Did hurt with me and shared my pain
Whispered quietly of a new start
While secretly pulsing thru all my grain.

When Vienna I left as Berlin got free
It begged to let in thought it follow
So it always could be there for me
All I would need to do is let it know.

He died before I truly grasped the depth of his gift.
Now I am old but I never forgot
This person who gave me a much needed lift
And unselfishly tried to ease my lot.



By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Great South Bay Magazine 2014

No, no, no – I am not afraid
Outside it is dark but not yet late.
Lightning bolts crisscross the sky
Dark, threatening clouds keep rushing by.
The power of nature we cannot ignore
We are shocked by thunder’s ominous roar.

This is God when he has reason to scold
As children we were often told.
One can hear the storm approach real fast
And we hope that not too long it will last.
Afraid I am not but tense without doubt
Even my dog appears to pout.

This fiery, noisy show close by
Has rattled my nerves, I cannot deny
We will do well from haughtiness to refrain
And seriously imprint in our brain
That in a superpower’s hand
We are nothing but a speck of sand.

Mom’s Poem

Did my mother write it? She had a poetic vein. Is is the creation of somebody famous? What about all rights reserved? There is no way I can tell. It is dated 1990/91 in the handwriting of my mother, who then was 76 years old. Younger than I am today. Here it is the way she wrote :

Es gibt Wunden die heilen niemals im Leben
Es gibt Tage – Da schmerzen sie nicht.
Man geht daher mit frohem Gesicht –
Bis einer an der Wunde ruehrt
Und man wieder das Brennen spuert.
Es gibt Wunden,
Die heilen niemals im Leben.

Translation: by Alexandra H. Rodrigues
There are wounds that never heal in life.
There are days when you take it in strive.
When one walks around with a smile on the face.
Till somebody stirs up the pain.
Trying to forget is truly in vain.
There are wounds that never heal in life.

March 3, 2015 153

Life is everywhere

Life is everywhere
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

There is a seemingly abandoned mansion at the seashore. Its sturdy stone walls, once white, appear gray. Yet there seems to be no structural damage apart from a dilapidated roof.
This was once the showcase for human emotions, for joy and sadness, love and hate, success and defeat. The people who built it, strong Northerners with blond hair and blue eyes, are gone, having left the mark of their culture and living habits. Every spring the grass shoots thru the melting grounds and grows till the shoots get so long that they bend and wilt. Not a single footstep disturbs nature’s process. At times a salty breeze from the powerful ocean spreads a powdery dew over the tender shoots or a strong, gusty wind shakes the straggly bushes out of their creative stillness.
Will this site remain until, at some unforeseeable yet undefined time, the world will come to an end and all will be remodeled for a higher purpose? Why look so far ahead? We will not be around, or if we are, will we comprehend?
This vision dims, and I picture little, bare feet of children in wet bathing suits, patter through the damp lawn again. Weather-beaten farmers are tending the swelling crop. The echo of gay laughter is ringing through the walls of the now refurbished house. Black smoke is puffing the air with a resinous fragrance of a crackling fireplace. Imagination can easily transform time and places. To be able to do that at will, I consider as one of my biggest accomplishments.
We live in a crowded world and no place, able to give shelter, will remain abandoned for long. Even while deserted it is visited by chirping birds, seagulls with flapping wings and nagging rats.
No place on earth is entirely lifeless.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

Once a year all of us this are told
It does not matter if we are young or we are old.
A year is a year and our life starts at birth
No matter when or where we start our life on earth.

On one for us special day in every year
We celebrate that we are here.
Why though are we being congratulated
What was our influence when birth related?

Our appearance on earth seems a miracle too
But with the conception we had nothing to do.
In the mother’s womb it felt like a dream
When first we saw the world it made us scream.

Then mother’s love gave us a booster
Some dad’s pride resembled a rooster.
Rich or poor the same is true for us all
None of us can their actual moment of birth recall.

It is however from that minute on
That to somebody we will be a daughter or son.
Quickly we learned how to rise
To what as destiny we recognize.

This possibly is why people decided to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY on just that day.