Your child always remains your child.
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

You entered my life like a ray of sun
And you made me whole.
No more “I”
Together we knew when to laugh or to cry
For we needed to share.

You now turn thirteen and you want to be “You”
Not an image of me.

So I search for my :”I” and I let you be “You”
Individuals we both!

Letting go can bind too
So enjoy being “YOU”
For you see
I’ll settle for a few precious moments of “WE”
For I am you mother.

Added 2012-05-22

And now you are Forty and mature
A parent yourself and proud I am sure
I got old but not feeble, you can still count on me
And as Your son ages, you will see
How precious loving and sharing can be

Added 2015-04-14th HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Age 43 by now you have reached
Several hard lesson by life you were teached.
Daily chores stunted your creativity
Influenced what you truly wanted to be.

We all are subject to challenges of kind
Mine by now encumber body and mind.
At your age you may sometimes resent
To have to give up time that for fun could be spend.

Not all is as it once has seemed
To make amendments one is deemed.
My wish for you is that the future brings you award
As you earned it by always being a good sport.

If It is meant to be
Make it big and win the lottery
Or settle for a gratifying fulfillment
With your son growing to give you a hand
Which is a blessing I well understand.

I started this poem to my son 30 years ago and gave it to him periodically. Today is his 43rd birthday.

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