A Viennese Heart

A Viennese Heart
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

As a delicate child
Facing world’s dilemma
During the storm of times with fighting gone wild
I fled Berlin to become a guest of Vienna.

The harshness of war and political views
Had often touched my tender soul
It made hidden tears flow at gruesome news
Find reason not to worry my biggest goal.

At that a Vienna heart, a genuine Vienna heart
Did hurt with me and shared my pain
Whispered quietly of a new start
While secretly pulsing thru all my grain.

When Vienna I left as Berlin got free
It begged to let in thought it follow
So it always could be there for me
All I would need to do is let it know.

He died before I truly grasped the depth of his gift.
Now I am old but I never forgot
This person who gave me a much needed lift
And unselfishly tried to ease my lot.


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