Cards with Personality

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Great South Bay Magazine 2015

An envelope that held a pressed pansy
Surely managed to capture my fancy.
A friend from a long ago time
Still remembered this hobby of mine.

Often it is only at the end of the year
That from my lifetime friends I hear.
Our paths in life have gone a different way
But once each year in contact we stay.

In some cases came the year when it was too late
As they disappeared thru the Pearly Gate.
New people will slowly take their place
But never will I forget their face.

This season I did get 41 cards
From those who let me touch their hearts.
Knowing some for 50 years, it is hard to measure
What their remembering me gives pleasure.

I reminisce about the lives those friends of mine lead
While we all belong to a predestined breed.
All those people are still close to me
In my mind the incidents that merged us together, I see.

Although handwriting may fall further out of style
Please my friends, let’s keep it up for a while.
I promise to continue to put my personal touch
Into the notes to the people I like very much.

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