Realtor Quest

Realtor Quest
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

The majority of people strive
A house to own a car to drive.
That little house with the white picket fence
Despite high expense seems to make good sense.

From there on along the line
Half of the buyers do just fine
Gaining in rank and income in their job
They upgrade to a bigger house and to the top.
Others get hit with unforeseen doom
With strangers they must share their room.

From the little house there is no grading down
So their next move is to change the town.
Less tax, less mortgage payments may do the trick
To home ownership they still will stick.

These ups and downs in people’s life
The personal up or downward drive
Give Realtors a constant reason to pitch
For involvement in a property switch.
There are the agents who only work for the buck.
I pity whoever with such an agent is stuck.
They make the I, I, I their main concern
Away as soon as the check is drawn they turn.

Try to find the professional
With the urge to please as well.
The one who not only sees the money from you
But considers your emotional satisfaction too.

It is not easy to please a client
Human nature suspects an agent to be defiant.
So the client thinks you work only for the financial gain
That he must watch out not to miss the train.

Contrary I just had proof
When a client called me to help him move.
It has been 18 years ago
That I sold him the house for a price a little below
By settling about a repair a dispute
With a few dollars and nice attitude.

The impression I then made has survived
Out of graciousness now profit arrived.
To be in the Service business you better have heart
It is more important than being super smart
Be helpful and truly mean to be nice
For empathy there is no price.
Service is my Business. Call me!

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