Summer Ahead

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

Foggy and soggy nature sulks
Gone is what pleasures our senses in spring.
Sad is even the song of the hawks
Too short was the creativity that spring did bring.

Cherry blossoms strewn on the patio floor like trash
Brown, mushy and spoiled
The lilac only last week so fragrant and fresh
Now hanging on twigs all weak and foiled.

Nature with nature has tempered a bit
Chased by a cat the birds flew away
To make room for summer it did see fit.
New different growth is now at play.

Now we are meant to breathe the chlorophyll
To pull the weeds and tend to lushes green grass.
Watch roses climb up the fence’s hill
Unfold in colors that proof their superior class.

Fruit will grow on many a tree
Bees pollinate what sprouts and grows
Salad, cabbage and tomatoes we see.
Nature surely how to delight us knows.

We have to allow all living things their up and down
Need to from complaining on dull days refrain
There is no reason at changes to frown
More often than not are we blessed with gain.

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