Father’s Day

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Great South Bay Magazine June 2015

Men have children early or late in life
To create an image of their self seems a special drive.
God and the devil we know to be male
History spins both into many a tale.

A father is allowed to show power and to rule
Or he can teach the offspring to handle a tool.
As father he can decide on the time to have fun
Or discuss when and when not to use a gun.

If to be a father you are not really cut out
You let the mother handle this bout.
I never heard “Father” when of the devil one speaks
While from “God the Father” answers one seeks.

So I do not mind when on this special day
Men who are fathers have it completely their way.
In general I do not begrudge them honor and fame
Most fathers deserve the love shown in the name.

Mostly when there is something a woman wants
It is best for her the man’s ego to boast
As women we deserve part of the fame
As it started with Adam’s rib – oh shame.

Had Eve not been there Adam would not have sinned
No fault on him would have ever been pinned.
What would have been does not matter now
Thus to good fathers today I will bow.

Come to think there is a Mother’s and a Father’s day
Do children really have nothing to say?
Not till in their description the letters M E N appear
And parenthood they themselves come to love or fear.

For now let us to all the Daddies say
“Have a Happy Father’s Day.”

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