Mom’s Poem

Did my mother write it? She had a poetic vein. Is is the creation of somebody famous? What about all rights reserved? There is no way I can tell. It is dated 1990/91 in the handwriting of my mother, who then was 76 years old. Younger than I am today. Here it is the way she wrote :

Es gibt Wunden die heilen niemals im Leben
Es gibt Tage – Da schmerzen sie nicht.
Man geht daher mit frohem Gesicht –
Bis einer an der Wunde ruehrt
Und man wieder das Brennen spuert.
Es gibt Wunden,
Die heilen niemals im Leben.

Translation: by Alexandra H. Rodrigues
There are wounds that never heal in life.
There are days when you take it in strive.
When one walks around with a smile on the face.
Till somebody stirs up the pain.
Trying to forget is truly in vain.
There are wounds that never heal in life.

March 3, 2015 153

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