Mothers Day

By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Great South Bay Magazine May 2015

Whatever in any language MOTHER means
The first word of a baby it seems.
All of us in the womb and not yet born
With our mother to special bond were sworn.

Even if later our personalities would clash
Love between us was impossible to smash.
From our mother we inherited our roots
Her traits in us quite often bear fruits.

When life throws into our path a block
For help to our mother we flock.
She always is ready to heal and smooth
Any hurting inner- or outer- bruise.

Relations between mother and child
Experience upsets not always quite mild.
We seldom take time to thank our mother,
To acknowledge her help we rarely bother.

Those of us when our mother we lost
Are the ones who cherish her image most.
The wound that she is gone will never heal
Forever her influence we’ll feel.

First mother on earth may have been Eve
That depends solely on what we believe.
Fact is that of a mother’s love we can be sure
Even in the animal kingdom this love is pure.

Now, if you are a mother yourself
Let me say:
“Have a Happy Mother’s Day”

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