By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

So you want, or need, or consider to move
Let’s say , you search to live under another roof.
Emotions first will surface your plans to haunt
As if your grandma’s wedding ring you pawned.

“Why do this, should I do this or is it better to stay
How about the memories collected here day by day”
Are the thoughts that occupy your mind
As a sensible solution you want to find.

First you try to force yourself to refrain
Till finally you begin to explore the gain.
A new beginning is like a breath of fresh air
Wanting to make a move is only fair.

Places to live are millions on earth
The least choice we had was our place of birth.
Only when our soul a vacuum does fill
Square feet of space can become an idyll.

Consider what best fits your taste and pocket book
Order your emotions to let you off the hook.
In life a decision now and then has to be made
Don’t get caught having to say “Now it is too late”

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