By Alexandra H. Rodrigues
Published in Famous Poets of the Heartland April 2015
South Bay’s Neighbor April 2014
Famous Poets September 2014

I close my eyes and there they are
Faces of people once friends near and far.
No longer on earth they nowadays walk
Yet in a voiceless whisper to me they talk.

Never they come one by one to my side.
But as faces around my head they heed my invite.
Souls they are now with faces on loan
For a short while excused from the father’s throne.

They must have heard my searching cries
As my brain stumbled between truth and lies.
What is in store when life runs out
Human answers leave room for doubt.

The faces fuse deep wisdom into my soul
I feel the answer and it makes me whole.
Their vision alone gives me inner peace
Which grants a soul-felt, true r

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